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Special for Children:

0-3 Ages :Baby sitting on request(with an extra charge), 04-12 Ages can attend the Mini Club Activities.

Schoggy Baby service

Schoggy Family Service Side Prenses Hotel The one and only Babyservice you can trust With our company you can hire a buggy or stroller and order baby nappies and baby food for both your summer or winter family holiday.
Our company can also provide you with other necessary products such as wet wipes, sun cream and moisturisers for your baby
Your order will be delivered to your hotel free off charge…
All our products are of high quality and have all the necessary certificates.For example, all the bugies and strollers undergo technical maintance and disinfection after every use.
All our buggies and strollers will be convinient for you during excurtions and bus rides.


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